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Quantification Crucial for Effective Methane Emission Reductions

In a recent article by Highwood Emissions, the publication’s president, Thomas Fox, emphasizes quantification’s important role in regulating methane emissions. 

Fox states that quantification is critical for a variety of reasons, such as targeted reduction strategies, innovation and technology development, reporting, transparency, and more.

This quantification process measures methane emitted by the oil and gas industry, livestock, landfills and many other large-scale productions. Fox emphasizes that the accuracy of methane quantification has been a point of debate, and compares the current state of methane quantification to a broken scale providing incomplete and unreliable data. For the last decade, many companies have been using these “broken methane scales,” which has hindered accuracy in data tracking.

VentMEDIC’s technology alleviates this lack of accuracy. The company’s newest groundbreaking methane monitoring technology gives absolute precision and certainty when measuring levels of methane leaking from abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells, offering the knowledge needed to create reduction plans that are efficient and based on reliable data. 

Fox concludes the article by stating that the distraction created by this debate could potentially hinder the progress toward strategic and sustainable investments in the industry’s future. Furthermore, he states that tracking technologies are currently not being utilized to achieve their full potential.


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