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The Product

VentMEDIC is a cutting-edge digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) technology. It goes beyond traditional methods, ensuring unparallel accuracy and transparency in methane emissions quantification.

Enhance Efficiency through Long-Term Reliability Concentration Analysis Regulatory Compliance Secure Data Storage Autonomous Control Carbon Tax Incentive

Gas Flow Measurement

0.0002 - 250 SLPM

Pressure Range

0-1500 PSI

Methane Concentration

0-100 % Vol.

Packaging & Shipping

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VentMEDIC is a cutting-edge digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) technology. It goes beyond traditional methods, ensuring unparallel accuracy and transparency in methane emissions quantification.

Operating Temperature

-40 C to 60 C

Communication Method

USB Mass Storage, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular Modem

Hazardous Area Class

Class 1 Div II

Packaging & Shipping

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How It Works

Simple Setup, Precise Monitoring, and Continuous Compliance

VentMEDIC revolutionizes emissions monitoring with a streamlined, user-friendly process that guarantees precision and compliance from setup to calibration.

Connect Device

Start by connecting your VentMEDIC device directly to the well site. We ensure easy installation in even the most remote locations.

Configure Device

Use our intuitive interface, either on-site or remotely tailoring the system to your specific industry requirements.

Monitor and Manage

Enjoy autonomous control capabilities you to remotely adjust settings, responding proactively to data insights.

Annual Calibration

Designed for low-maintenance operation with an annual calibration process ensuring long-term reliability and compliance.

The Benefits

VentMEDIC is a cutting-edge system designed to cater to the unique requirements of various industries, providing precise flowrate measurement and concentration analysis. We offer a versatile solution that ensures accurate data capture, compliance, and remote monitoring, regardless of your industry.

Long-term Reliability

Capable of months-long testing with temperature and pressure compensated data, ensuring repeatability and accuracy.

Concentration Analysis

Precise and accurate methane concentration measurement, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Secure Data Storage

Features blockchain integration capabilities and on-board memory to ensure data integrity and security.

Regulatory Compliance

Adheres to the highest safety standards with NIST traceability and auditable data, ensuring compliance with regulations and ESG accountability.

Autonomous Control

Enables remote monitoring and operational control, including the ability to open and close vents remotely, optimizing processes and reducing emissions.

Carbon Tax Incentives

By meeting methane emission standards with auditable and NIST traceable data, operations may qualify for carbon tax credits and financial incentives.

Our Services

VentMEDIC provides an array of specialized services to meet your gas flow measurement needs, ensuring seamless, efficient, and dependable operations. Our tailored service offerings are designed to cater to the distinct demands of various industries.

Installation Services

Experience seamless and proficient setup of fixed-point monitoring systems for your industrial and commercial needs. Our team ensures a hassle-free installation process, setting the stage for reliable and uninterrupted emissions monitoring.

Our on-site assessments are customized to meet the unique demands of your operation. We provide inventive and economically viable solutions that align perfectly with your specific environmental and regulatory objectives.

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Calibration and Maintenance Programs

Regular calibration and meticulous maintenance are the keystones of the VentMEDIC experience, ensuring your system operates at peak performance. We are committed to preserving the pristine condition and optimal functionality of your VentMEDIC system.

Technical Assistance

Gain uninterrupted access to our expert technical support team, ready to provide you with guidance and assistance whenever you need it. Our specialists are on standby to ensure your VentMEDIC system is always functioning flawlessly.

Our training personnel are pivotal to your success with VentMEDIC. We will define a tailored training program to ensure your team is proficient in operating, maintaining, and maximizing the capabilities of your VentMEDIC system.

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Emission Reduction Strategies

Our team offers comprehensive consultations to devise effective strategies for reducing emissions. We specialize in identifying key areas for improvement, implementing industry best practices, and guiding you towards maximizing the environmental benefits of your methane management initiatives.

Partner with us to transform your methane emission management into an environmentally beneficial endeavor. We’ll assist you in pinpointing potential emission reduction zones, adopting optimal practices, and ensuring that your efforts yield substantial environmental rewards.

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