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Plugging Away with the U.S. Department of the Interior

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) was passed back in November of 2021, including $4.7 billion invested in plugging orphaned wells, site remediation and restoration nationwide. This initiative aimed to address the environmental hazards associated with orphaned wells, protecting public health and the end goal of revitalizing local economies.

Since its enactment, significant progress has been made in plugging orphaned wells across various jurisdictions. Federal agencies like The Department of the Interiors and state governments kickstarted these clean-up efforts, creating a pivotal change in the way federal agencies treated environmental concerns in American communities.

The cleanup of orphaned wells had a significant environmental and economic benefit. By addressing methane leaks, these initiatives contributed to mitigating the effects of climate change and helping local ecosystems. Moreover, by creating jobs and stimulating economic growth, the BIL gives possibility to foster sustainable development.

As we fast forward to the present day, The House of Representatives passing the newest Abandoned Well Remediation Research and Development Act furthers federal efforts to reduce methane emissions.

These bills further the necessity for the development of new technologies such as VentMEDIC, as the demand for autonomous and accurate methane tracking technology increases. VentMEDIC’s ability to give clients quality data could be essential for companies and agencies that are aiming to trace emissions venting to the atmosphere.

Both of the bills represent a pivotal moment in America’s technological developments. Addressing the legacy of abandoned oil and gas infrastructure allows precision tracking technologies the opportunity to provide cost-effective solutions to businesses and become a great asset in helping them achieve carbon credits.


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