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VentMEDIC to attend PTAC Methane Leadership Summit 2024 to promote pioneering technology

VentMEDIC’s prototype technology is set to be presented at the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Methane Leadership Summit 2024 in Banff, Alberta, April 17-18. 

This cutting-edge technology aims to address a critical gap in the methane monitoring industry across both Canada and the United States. It provides precise and quantifiable data essential for companies to qualify for carbon tax credits and meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals effectively. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the capabilities of VentMEDIC’s innovation at their booth.

VentMEDIC made its debut at the AAPG conference in Pittsburgh, presenting its prototype to industry professionals in the U.S. Now, the VentMEDIC team has expressed enthusiasm to reconnect with their contacts at the PTAC conference to further validate their technology.

Amidst a Canadian-wide effort to reduce methane emissions by 45 percent, PTAC’s annual conference serves as a pivotal gathering, convening researchers, policymakers, and industry players for collective dialogue on methane reduction strategies. According to PTAC, significant strides have already been made, with a 48 percent reduction in methane emissions capacity achieved thus far and plans to elevate this figure to 75 percent within the next four years. 

As an impartial, non-profit organization, PTAC is dedicated to driving innovation, collaborative research, and responsible adoption within Canada’s oil and gas sector. Through a multitude of projects, including methane detection initiatives, and consortia offering substantial cost coverage for equipment, PTAC voice their ambitions of establishing a growing number of sustainable practices. 

VentMEDIC’s technology has the potential to amplify this methane reduction effort. The company’s ambition is to empower customers with autonomous well control and remote emissions diagnosis capabilities, offering viable pathways for industries to achieve net-zero goals and fulfill ESG requirements. Its implementation enhances both time and cost efficiency, while minimizing the need for manual intervention. With robust risk reduction measures, such as data capture in memory during signal loss, VentMEDIC ensures data integrity and reliability. 

As efforts intensify to lower methane emissions, collaborations and innovations spearheaded by organizations like PTAC and technologies like VentMEDIC offer promising avenues towards not only environmentally sound solutions, but also a cost-effective energy future.


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