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VentMEDIC attending AAPG Conference to launch prototype technology

VentMEDIC is set to debut its cutting-edge prototype technology at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) conference for orphan, abandoned, idle, and marginal wells in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

‌The company aims to make significant advancements in methane emissions monitoring from abandoned oil wells with this new technology. By leveraging digital measurements, reporting, and verification (dMRV) technology, VentMEDIC’s streamlined process ensures precision, unparalleled accuracy, and transparency.

‌This innovative prototype has the potential to play a crucial role in helping industries meet net-zero goals. It uses autonomous well control and remote diagnosis, guaranteeing data reliability with automated testing and risk reduction measures. This means that sustainability data can be quantified, which can guide companies to fulfill ESG requirements and even achieve carbon credits.

‌VentMEDIC will have a booth at this conference to showcase their technology, where attendees can gain valuable insights about the prototype and its potential to play a key role in methane emissions monitoring.

‌Hosted at the RLA learning center, the AAPG conference provides a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest advancements in methane monitoring, measurement, and quantification. The conference serves as a platform for industry practitioners, government agencies, and academic institutions to address issues related to well plugging, repurposing, and emissions reduction. Through workshops and presentations, industry experts and participants can engage in topics surrounding regulatory requirements, best practices, and innovative technologies.

‌A course pertaining to methane monitoring associated with well plugging and abandonment for active, marginal, idle, and orphan wells will be held Thursday, Feb. 29. The objectives of the course is to discuss methane emissions regulations, provide guidance on compliance and funding requirements, and review equipment and safety protocols. Participants will also learn how to develop safety plans, match equipment to specific needs, and implement appropriate procedures.

‌To learn more about the AAPG conference, visit their website here.


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