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Excitement Builds for VentMEDIC’s Tech at PTAC Summit

VentMEDIC successfully launched its technology at the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Methane Leadership Summit 2024 in Banff, Alberta, showcasing the company’s ambition to revolutionize methane emissions management.

VentMEDIC Founder and CEO Michael Beck remarked that it was an ample opportunity for interested clients to see the physical system. Attendees commented on its small footprint and mobility advantages, with some even lifting the system to understand that one person could comfortably manoeuvre the system.

Beck observed the significant interest the company was generating in methane emissions reduction. He highlighted how this presented an ideal opportunity for VentMEDIC to distinguish its technology as the premier tool for generating accurate and auditable data.

Additionally, interest was piqued when attendees saw the web portal demo, leading to inquiries about the company’s future technologies. This validates VentMEDIC’s thoughts on the market’s direction for accurate auditable emissions measurement, especially regarding the gap in technology between the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) mandated Directive 87 (Well Integrity Management) and Directive 20 (Well Abandonment).

This pioneering technology aims to address this critical gap in the methane monitoring industry across both Canada and the United States.

“Something you can’t measure can’t be controlled or managed. This is applicable to the global problem of methane emissions,” said Rajeev Chadha, Senior Innovation Advisor for the prairies and Northwest Territories at the Government of Canada.

“The VentMEDIC team has developed a robust system for measuring vent gases from orphan wells and reservoirs. Through the involvement of stakeholders, the PTAC conference provides a tremendous opportunity to showcase and accelerate the commercialization of this technology.”

PTAC is an impartial, non-profit organization that voices its commitment to driving innovation, collaborative research, and responsible adoption within Canada’s oil and gas sector. Through various projects, including methane detection initiatives, and consortia offering substantial cost coverage for equipment, PTAC voices its ambitions of establishing an increasing number of sustainable practices.


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